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A four-step prescription to help you drive markets

Create impact where it matters most. In my previous post I suggested that in order to gain the greatest insight we must “look broadly outside the industry.” Well here’s an example by way of a comparison of the metals industry to, of all things, the airline industry. I discovered some striking similarities as well as some interesting common ground. The exercise illustrates how, by simply having mor...
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Clues to building your future roadmap lie outside the industry

21 “sight bites” to help you find your way Like you, I am way more interested in 2011 than I am looking back. I want to know what we can expect this year—both the good and the bad. So please, “just give me the facts.” And like you, I need to know if we’re on the right track. Will our customers continue to be focused on the same things like reducing costs; and minimizing the environmental impact of...
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Drill deep to see the new face of market demand

Embrace the differences that will drive innovation If you want to know what’s driving business, you have to drill down deep. Of course, demand drives customer orders and, as it follows, your customer’s customer orders and so on. But when you finally get to the bottom of it, you’ll see a new face of change—a nonconforming consumer that’s younger, and more powerful than any previous generation. He ...
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