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The Right Cleaner Coater for Inline Wash System


A manufacturer of steel and aluminum furniture that operates an inline three stage pretreatment system for their powder coating operation.


The manufacturer was in need of a low foaming, highly effective cleaner / coater that could be used to properly clean and coat their steel and aluminum parts. The client’s current material operated at 4% by volume and required frequent chemical additions to provide the proper cleaning strength.


This client switched their cleaner / coater to HitSol CC353. This change allowed the client to effectively clean and coat steel and aluminum parts at 3% by volume. HitSol CC353 also produced less foam and required less frequent additions to maintain its cleaning power. By switching to this product, the client realized an improvement in the cleanliness of its parts as well as a reduction in chemical usage.

Advantages Realized by the Manufacturer:

  • Reduction in material usage costs
  • Increase in part cleanliness
  • Reduction in foam