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Water-Based Alternative for Removal of Powder Coatings


A manufacturer of steel and aluminum furniture that operates a powder coating finish line.


The manufacturer’s parts require a highly aesthetic powder coat finish. When there are blemishes in the powder coating the entire part must be stripped and recoated. Due to the emphasis on appearance the powder coating cannot be removed with a media blast. The client had been using a solvent based powder coating stripper. This product was highly flammable and dangerous to employees. The product also evaporated quickly from their dip tank. The client was in need of a less dangerous and more user friendly method of removing powder coating from their rework parts.


This client switched their powder coating removal dip tank to HitSol HSC829. The client reduces this product 1:1 with water and operates its dip tank at 160° F. The parts remain submerged in the heated water based solution for 5 – 10 minutes. After removal from the tank the powder coating is removed with a high pressure water wash and hung on the pretreatment line to be cleaned and powder coated. HitSol HSCC829 did not evaporate as quickly or pose the flammability concerns that the preceding solvent borne product had.

Advantages Realized by the Manufacturer:

  • Reduction of flammability concerns
  • Quick and effective removal of powder coating