Metal Removal

Henkel’s line of high quality metal removal products for cutting and grinding are available in a variety of chemistries including synthetics, semi-synthetics, soluble oils, or straight oils.
Henkel Bonderite L-MR 9103 – A water soluble, oil-rejecting, synthetic fluid with multiple uses in today’s manufacturing environment.  Use on ferrous alloys only.
Henkel Bonderite L-FM 3015 – A synthetic lubricant suitable for ferrous alloys in light manufacturing operations.  Multan 3015 is exceptional as a roll-forming lubricant in tube mills.
Henkel Bonderite L-FM 5500 Machining Lubricant – A synthetic metal removal fluid with excellent biological control.  It is used on steel, cast iron, and aluminum alloy operations.
Henkel Bonderite L-MR 3105 Machining Coolant – An oil-rejecting, synthetic fluid designed for machining, grinding, and roll-forming ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.  It is also suitable for use on brass, copper, and other exotic metals.
Henkel Bonderite L-MR B-204 – Its combination of lubricity additives and cooling ability allow it to work in light to moderate applications.  This bio-resistant product has been designed for applications where lubricity, cooling, and finish are critical.  It is ideal for applications where RO/DI water is used.
Henkel Bonderite L-MR B-400 – This bio-resistant product can be used from automotive to aerospace applications.  Its wide applicability makes it suitable for use on brass, copper, and other exotic metals.
Henkel Bonderite L-MR 5600D – An all-purpose soluble oil designed for machinig and grinding ferrous and aluminum alloys.  Its high oil content provides excellent lubricity for various types of difficult operations.
Henkel Bonderite L-MR 2140 – A non-sulfonate, soluble oil that has minimal impact in the presence of bioactivity.
Henkel Bonderite 5005M Machining Lubricant – A heavy duty soluble oil used in metal removal applications.  Its high level of extreme pressure additives make this product suitable for heavy machining operations including broaching.  This product is fine for both ferrous and non-ferrous applications.
Henkel Bonderite L-MR CR67 Straight Oil Lubricant – Tool grinding oil for light machining applications.
Henkel Bonderite L-MR CR10 Machining Lubricant – Its moderate viscosity and additive package make Multan CR10 useful in general machining applications such as hobbing, milling, or shaping.  Applications for using this product range steel gear machining to cutting tool manufacturing.
Henkel Bonderite L-MR CR20 Medium Viscosity Machining Lubricant – Tool grinding oil for light to moderate machining applications.
Henkel Bonderite L-MR CR671C Straight Oil Machining Lubricant – Low viscosity, chlorinated, tool grinding oil.
Henkel Bonderite L-MR CR26 Straight Oil Machining Lubricant – Its unique composition of corrosion inhibitors, Extreme Pressure (EP) additives, anti-mist agents, and lubricity additives provide a durable product for today’s moderate broaching operation.
Henkel Bonderite L-AD S – A metal working maintenance system cleaner designed to emulsify tramp oils and other contaminants in coolant systems.  The product circulates with the coolant, while production continues to operate, and cleans the machine.