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Flame Retardant & Heat Resistant

– Hi-Heat® stable colors.  Forms tough, durable finish which is heat, moisture and chemical resistant.
– All TemperKote® products can be used over zinc or zinc rich products.
– For maximum corrosion resistance in severe environments, use TemperKote Universal Primer or the new TemperKote Zinc Primer.
– 17 standard colors, including 5 safety colors.

Flame Control’s TemperKote No.600 and 600HS for Hot Surfaces
– Modified silicone acrylic
– to be used on surfaces which will not exceed 600ºF
– TemperKote 600HS can be applied to hot surfaces up to 300ºF.
– Air dry coating

Flame Control’s TemperKote No. 1000 and 1000HS for Hot Surfaces
– 100% silicone resin
– To be used on surfaces which will not exceed 1200ºF.
– TemperKote 1000HS and TemperKote 1000HS HS Primer can be applied to hot surfaces from 250ºF up to 500ºF.
– 1000 – air dry, cures in service; for ultimate hardness, heat cure for 1 hour @ 350ºF.
– 1000HS – Tacky until surface temperature reaches 250ºF.

Flame Control – TemperKote 1400H
Flame Control TemperKote 1400H Industrial Hi-Heat Coatings are based on 100% silicone resin with special ceramic colorants and additives.  The coating air dries within 30 minutes and can ship in the “air dry” state in 24 hours.  Avoid mechanical abrasion when in air dry state.  For optimum hardness a heat cure of 350F for one hour is needed, however no complex post heat curing is necessary.  TemperKote 1400H in the air dried state will cure when the coated equipment is placed in service.  Special pigments are utilized to achieve maximum heat resistant properties and color stability.
This coating is able to withstand severe thermal cycling to 1400F and can be applied directly to clean steel.  It has the unique ability to be handled in the air dry state.  It has good color stability to 1000F; Black to 1400F, excellent heat resistant properties, excellent weathering characteristics and good corrosion protection.

Flame Control’s TemperKote CUI-HS for Hot Surfaces
– High-Build coating designed to prevent corrosion of metal surfaces under thermal insulation.  Withstands severe thermal cyclic conditions to 1200ºF, acidic and basic insulation types.
– Prevents chloride induced stress corrosion cracking of stainless steels under thermal insulation.
– Modified silicone
– To  be used on surfaces which will not exceed 1200ºF in service.  Can be applied to surfaces from ambient to 400ºF.
– Air dry coating.
– Comes in gray and red oxide colors.

Flame Control’s TemperKote H2O
– A water-based coating that forms a tough, durable finish which is heat, moisture and chemical resistant.
– VOC compliant
– Suitable over zinc rich primers
– High performance acrylic
– To be used on surfaces which will not exceed 450ºF.
– Air dry.
– 14 standard colors, plus black and white temperature stable colors.