Metal Coatings

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Accessa Coatings Solutions welcomes the challenge of the expansive and growing general industrial metal classification. We have helped companies, who serve such diverse markets as steel doors and aluminum boats, improve their product and their bottom line.

Accessa Coatings Solutions offers a variety of solvent and water-based coatings from major manufacturers as well as Accessa Coatings Solutions private label. Coating and application support for low VOC, HAPs-free, rapid cure, primer/topcoat systems; various protective fluid chemical coatings and application methods; curing by ambient air, force-dry or baking; coating types including acrylics, alkyds, epoxies, urethanes and various modifications; and substrates ranging from ferrous and non-ferrous metals to synthetics and plastics.

Accessa Coatings Solutions solves coating problems — typically offering you more than one option to any given challenge — and provides the assistance and support necessary to get the desired results you seek. Explore our Metal Coatings products below.


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