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How to Learn From Others’ Mistakes: Keep Growing

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” But is experience simply the name we give to our mistakes? Either way, Accessa has some 30 years of coatings knowledge racked up and now they want to make it easier than ever to share with you. Get the free guide Lessons Learned to Keep Coatings Customers Growing.”  Just follow the link to download your copy or look for it featured on the Accessa Coatings Solutions home page. There’s no risk and no obligation.

The guide is organized into two useful sections that go something like this:

Part 1: Six mistakes finishers commonly make (and what to do about it), and

Part 2: Five opportunities Accessa has identified on its roving coatings radar—tactical improvements finishers can benefit from; things you can do right now to improve and grow you business.

Part one may be particularly interesting because the examples are common mistakes  only “other people” make. We all try to avoid making mistakes. We harbor varying degrees of apprehension and anxiety and labor over making decisions—all out of the fear of making a mistake. But ironically, the very events that we try to avoid are often exactly what we need to experience (that is, unless someone else is willing to do it for you). I thought it would be useful to amplify the value of part one here.

Embarrassing mistakes and the business of finishing

Everybody’s made decisions they regret. Some are embarrassing because we readily see the consequences of our decisions—or lack thereof. We cannot believe we allowed it to happen but there it is for everybody else to witness. Proof that knowledge is experience, there’s an upshot to really embarrassing mistakes: you’ll never ever make that same one again.

Other mistakes are not so obvious. They’re the perplexing ones because we can sense that something’s not right but we just don’t know exactly what—and that’s assuming we’re looking for symptoms. These are potentially more serious simply because we’re not fully dialed in and that can bite you in the butt when they adversely affect profit, compromise product quality and/or undermine customer relationships.

Accessa’s free guide examines 6 such mistakes:

  1. Not having a plan if a vendor can’t hold up its end of a project
  2. Not having enough product on time
  3. Underestimating how much time it will take to do a job
  4. Making decisions based solely on price per gallon
  5. Choosing a coating that has more features than you need
  6. Allowing complacency in the workplace

This is where knowing an expert really counts. After all, the value of experience is not in seeing so much more, but in seeing wisely.

The one mistake you must avoid

Speaking of wisdom, Accessa wraps up part one in the guide on the subject of complacency. They warn of the dangers of getting too comfortable, “Your competition is innovating and changing to build their businesses and increase their market share.” If you’re not, you risk everything. The smallish issues you may be ignoring are growing to become bigger issues in the future. “Deal with it.”

No one’s saying mistakes are all bad either. Mistakes come with innovation. Growing businesses know these kinds of missteps never hurt for very long. There’s no error in a little disruption and experiments gone wrong, only progress made and knowledge gained.

In contrast, stagnant businesses squander precious resources as they stand firm in defense of the status quo. When nothing’s broke, the logic goes, it’s best to keep things just the way they are. Stagnant businesses wear blinders and ignore symptoms. The only thing they seem to grow is bigger attitudes. Complacency, it’s the one mistake you must avoid.

Experience is the best teacher, but a fool will learn from no other.” —Ben Franklin

You have two choices, learn from mistakes or start making more ruckuses. Complacency appears to be the worst offense. If you want easy, Accessa is ready to listen.

Accessa Coating Solutions means access to expertise. They’ve helped hundreds of coatings businesses – large and small alike solve problems and make smart choices. Sharing their experience is nothing new but the free download is, for a limited time.

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