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Month: September 2011

Give your sales strategy a huge leg up!

Dive deep for more customer insight. The purpose of your business is to create customers. In fact, it is the customer who determines what your business is. Obviously customers are crucially important to sales efforts. But don’t we need to understand more about what makes them tick? Don’t we need to know more about the perceptions that ultimately drive their opinions and decisions? Would it help i...
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2 Ways to avoid defending the status quo

It’s hard to be different. Even if new business development depends upon it at times. We tend to fall into the path of least resistance while we’re not paying attention. Why? Because it’s so easy to keep doing what we’re doing—business as usual—like everybody else. Trouble is, we lose a certain connection to reality because in reality, everything’s changing. On the other hand, if you’re not ha...
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