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Month: December 2011

Four takeaways you can’t beat.

Snapshots from our best posts in recent months. Knowledge and know-how helps us navigate a complex world. But information is useless if we don’t have time to consume it. Here’s the solution. Each quarter you’ll find a summarization post (like this one) that features three or four of the best Bastard posts of the last period. Short, to the point, and with a new takeaway. Now you’re feeling industri...
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New rules offer a real “Material” benefit

If you’ve missed the last few posts, here’s a Cliff’s Notes version to get you caught up and in the know. Cutting-edge sales and marketing insight condensed to spoon-sized portions and pushed out in a “new rules” format. Your head will be spinning. New Rule #1 Want more productivity and happier employees at the same time? Match the personality to the task. Each position in your small bus...
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