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Month: May 2024

The Consultancy: Spring/Summer 2024

Download the Spring/Summer 2024 issue of The Consultancy, Accessa’s magazine for customers, and business and industry leaders in the coatings and chemicals sectors. Download the Consultancy here. In This Issue: Opening Message: Hot Topics in our Fast-Paced Industry Events & Outreach: Team Accessa attends trade shows across the Midwest Coming Soon: Accessa's Indianapolis team is ...
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Epi 46: The Business of Pizza with Gabe Connell

In episode 46 of The Industrious Podcast, co-hosts Joe and Vince Todd, Jr. are joined by Gabe Connell, owner of Hot Box Pizza. Tune in as Gabe shares his path to entrepreneurship and the birth and evolution of his Indiana-based restaurant chain
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The Power of Patience in a Hyperactive World

In our modern vocab, the virtues of patience seem to be losing the battle against words like hustle, grind, and speed. In a rapid-fire culture that honors an immediate response, a brilliant pastime of "waiting and watching" has been relegated to the sidelines in favor of quick victories. But what if our pursuit of instant gratification and results was doing us more harm than good, especially in th...
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