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The Power of Patience in a Hyperactive World

In our modern vocab, the virtues of patience seem to be losing the battle against words like hustle, grind, and speed. In a rapid-fire culture that honors an immediate response, a brilliant pastime of "waiting and watching" has been relegated to the sidelines in favor of quick victories. But what if our pursuit of instant gratification and results was doing us more harm than good, especially in th...
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Now Hiring: Customer Service Concierge – Chicago, IL

POSITION: Customer Service Concierge – Chicago, IL DEPARTMENT: Operations ACCOUNTABLE TO: Corporate Operations Manager POSITION DESCRIPTION: The Customer Service Concierge (CSC) has a primary goal of providing white glove service to Accessa’s customers. The CSC manages the entire order entry and management process, including answering all customer questions and providing follow-up to...
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Accessa Adds Key Players to Its Roster in Chicago

Accessa is excited to announce it added Scott Kohlmeyer, Fernando Del Rio, Dave Ramos, and Mike Martin to its employee roster at its Chicago facility.  These additions will help Accessa better serve our growing customer base throughout Central and Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, Eastern Iowa, and Northwestern Indiana. “These four bring a wealth of experience and expertise to Accessa’s ta...
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What Separates Good Customer Service from Just Lip Service?

Customer service is the backbone of any business. It is the way you interact with your customers that matters the most. Good customer service can help you retain your existing customers and earn new ones. However, not all customer service is created equal. Some businesses just pay lip service to their customers, while others go above and beyond to offer exceptional service. What separates good cus...
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Quality Assurance? Call me crazy

With some companies, recording customer phone calls is common practice. Under the guise of “quality improvement,” or Quality Assurance, you can expect a utility or an insurance company to offer you the fair and familiar warning. “This call might be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes ….” Something like that. I’m never really sure. All they said was it “might” be recorded. I must s...
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How to win at your game.

Similarities to poker illustrate how you are in control The best strategy usually comes from thinking long-term. This rule of thumb applies as much to the metal business as it does in the game of poker. In poker, just because you win a hand doesn’t mean you’re good and you don’t have more learning to do. But we do learn best when we can see and experience good examples—poker has many. Did you kno...
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