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Month: May 2011

Four questions that focus on reducing complexity

We’ve been talking a lot about change at Material Insights. Why it’s important to your business to recognize what’s happening around it, particularly the types of change that doesn’t get talked about in the break room or the boardroom. Kind of like climate change, except on fast-forward. The point is if such phenomenon is not recognized soon enough, you could end up out in the cold, unprepared...
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3 Things you need to know to make a great pitch.

If you’re not impressing, you’re probably boring! Ever lose out on a business opportunity because you fumbled your sales pitch? Or you started your elevator speech but the audience seemed bored after thirty seconds. Or maybe you felt like you did pretty well except now you’re scratching your head because you didn’t get the result you were after. Are you missing real opportunities or is this just p...
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Five ways to keep moving forward… in spite of change

Since the introduction of Henry Ford’s moving assembly line in 1913 time has become an important dynamic for every business, large and small. Fast forward nearly a hundred years and most manufacturers, including coatings operations, see or feel the effects of time being compressed. It has become a force of change that your business must reckon with, if it hasn’t already. What was novelty in 19...
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