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Is your coatings business chasing the wrong metrics?

Operating a coatings business has its rewards, but it rarely offers comforting reassurance that you’re doing things right. We’re running in a new playing field. Standards by which we measure excellence have shifted. The environment, more volatile and less predictable. Add a downturn economy and it’s easy to find yourself bumped onto the fast lane of frenzy, requiring even more confidence that you’...
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How to win at your game.

Similarities to poker illustrate how you are in control The best strategy usually comes from thinking long-term. This rule of thumb applies as much to the metal business as it does in the game of poker. In poker, just because you win a hand doesn’t mean you’re good and you don’t have more learning to do. But we do learn best when we can see and experience good examples—poker has many. Did you kno...
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The path to profits, passion and purpose lead CEO to unprecedented success

A new book, released this week, is an inspiration for any business that believes what they do is hard work. Delivering Happiness is a true story of how perseverance, focus and a little irreverence for the status quo pay off when you also treat people right. I was invited to review an advance copy of the book penned by Zappos chief, Tony Hsieh (pronounced: Shay). I highly recommend that you read ...
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Plan social media strategies like any other major initiative

More than your reputation is at stake, take it a step at a time Social media is a revolutionary means for connecting with customers, prospects, vendors, partners, even co-workers and recruits. This is important because it means you are now connected in ways never before seen. Your company is becoming more and more transparent, whether you want it or not. With blogs, chat rooms, email, text, and to...
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