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Get the Antimicrobial Advantage

In high-traffic environments where conditions are ripe for the growth of microbes, businesses have to take extra precautions. But lately, forward-thinking business leaders are taking similar precautions not just to protect themselves against risk, but also to differentiate themselves in their marketplace. Antimicrobial additives can be used in many types of coatings to fight the growth of poten...
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Troubleshooting 4 Common Coatings Issues

Some people seem like they are just asking for trouble. The way they act, talk and live suggests that they welcome the next disaster. Part of my job is to make sure my customers aren’t asking for trouble when it comes to their industrial coatings. I have been involved in the industrial coatings industry, in one form or another, for well over 30 years. During this time, I’ve troubleshot a lot of...
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4 Considerations to Determine the Best Coating Solution

By Vince Todd, Sales Director Choosing a coating solution that doesn’t perform well for a specific application can lead to costly mistakes. This is why it is important to understand how and in what type of conditions the end product will need to perform. To determine the right coating solution for a specific job, these are the four big factors that must be considered: Will the end product b...
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