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Month: October 2013

“Manufacturing punches above its weight”

Supply chains, out for the count. If you survived the last five years you have to be doing something right. Think back to 2008 and remember the world’s largest economy contracting like a blown front tire by 3.9 percent (fourth quarter 2007 to third quarter 2009) marking the worst economic slump since the Great Depression and the first decrease(s) in the GDP in 17 years. In spite of all that, the m...
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Engage customers for the right finishing order

Do you spend more time talking about you’re capabilities than asking questions? If you’re not engaging with customers around their very individual finishing problems you’re simply adding to them. Change your habits and you’ll build stronger, longer-lasting relationships and you will attract more business in the process. Standing out from your competition comes with the package. Stop taking orders ...
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