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Mistake 3: Underestimating How Much Time It Will Take To Do A Job

By Les Yoder, Account Executive Hopefully you’ve never experienced this, but we’ve seen it happen. Your technicians and finishers are humming along. Products are rolling out. More are getting started. But about halfway through the project you realize that things aren’t moving as quickly as you thought they would. Perhaps an equipment issue or a coating problem has added unwanted repair or c...
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Guide shares mistakes to avoid and opportunities to recognize for businesses that rely on coatings INDIANAPOLIS — ACCESSA Coatings Solutions’ new 19-page guide, “Lessons Learned to Keep Coating Customers Growing: Mistakes to avoid and opportunities to recognize for businesses that rely on coatings,” offers insights gained from more than three decades of experience in the coatings industry. The ...
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How to Learn From Others’ Mistakes: Keep Growing

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” But is experience simply the name we give to our mistakes? Either way, Accessa has some 30 years of coatings knowledge racked up and now they want to make it easier than ever to share with you. Get the free guide “Lessons Learned to Keep Coatings Customers Growing.”  Just follow the link to download your copy or look for it featured on the Accessa ...
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21 Tipping points (or tripping points)

Identifying trends from vague signals As a supply chain, you’re party to an expansive ecosystem that changes constantly. Your control consists of 1) how you respond to change and 2) how you adapt your business [people, product, place, processes or pitch (your value proposition)] in order to benefit from opportunities and avoid the perils. Leaders are challenged to identify and understand the tre...
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6 Common Coating Mistakes and How To Avoid Them (Part II)

This is part II in our series of common coating mistakes. You can get the full list by downloading the guide, "Keep Coating Customers Growing"  where we share some of the common mistakes and opportunities we have observed so you can have rewarding experiences with your future coatings projects. MISTAKE 2: Not having enough product on time. The paint production supervisor gets the call: ...
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6 Common Coating Mistakes and How To Avoid Them (Part I)

We have seen a number of customers make the same coating mistakes. We’ve created a list of the six common mistakes and recommendations for how to avoid making them that we will share one at a time, starting with this post.  At the heart of this list is the importance of thorough planning, making smart choices and staying competitive. You can get the full list by downloading the guide, "Keep Co...
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