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Month: September 2010

Get more “go” out of your coatings business

Believe it or not, coatings contracts has been won and lost based on whether or not the customer “had a good feeling” about your business and its employees—particularly in the beginning during the kick-the-tires stage. When everything else is equal, and geographic location is of little consequence, the gut feeling your company generates will motivate customers to choose, rather quickly, whether to...
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Measuring social media may test your mettle

Stand by for the real results Industrial business owners ask me, what can I expect in return for my investment of time and company resources in social media? Are the results measurable? Will it add to my bottom line? I realize that for some of you, having an answer to those basic questions has to be the place to start. You gotta know if this stuff makes sense for a small industrial business. Besi...
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When to apply sugar coating

We all make mistakes. Sometimes they’re not our fault but we still have to take the wrap. They can cost the company lots of money, involve loss of time, productivity, incur injury or cause embarrassment. But perhaps the most potentially expensive missteps are those that negatively impact your customer, or at least their perception. Clearly, the most difficult are those cool-gray-toned ones where t...
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Etch your social media strategy policy in steel

Devise objectives that fit culture to ensure success Social media is good news for the industry; we just don’t know it yet. Consider this trifecta of change 1) traditional marketing costs are out the window—social marketing media is virtually free 2) social media allows complete control of our messages—publishing our own content, when and where we want, and 3) social media helps us to cultivate re...
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