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Month: February 2013

10 Ideas on how to improve productivity

Incremental steps improve your work/life “There’s a geometric progression in business: as your venture gets more complex, your day becomes more compressed. You are then more likely to run out of time before you accomplish what has to be done … then there’s always that quality-of-life issue lurking just over the horizon.” Productivity, and I would add, quality of life, are inextricably tied to the...
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Reclaimed wood is a “feel good” industry with patina to spare

The reclaimed wood industry is a classic niche, dominated by small yet industrious entrepreneurs. I’d characterize some of the better ones as outdoorsy artisans. A unique breed who regard their occupation as a “feel good” business. They care about the environment, are stubborn about sustainability, and generally seem to love a good adventure. To play in this rugged category requires a passion ...
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