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Aluminum Adhesive Technologies are Industry Game Changers

By Vince Todd, Jr., Vice President In an effort to build lighter, more fuel-efficient cars, automotive manufacturers are turning to aluminum to achieve a 50+ mile per gallon (MPG) fuel economy target. While aluminum companies have long pushed for their metal to replace steel in vehicle manufacturing, one of the biggest obstacles has been how well aluminum parts stick to the rest of the car. In ...
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4 Considerations to Determine the Best Coating Solution

By Vince Todd, Sales Director Choosing a coating solution that doesn’t perform well for a specific application can lead to costly mistakes. This is why it is important to understand how and in what type of conditions the end product will need to perform. To determine the right coating solution for a specific job, these are the four big factors that must be considered: Will the end product b...
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How to Measure Iron Phosphate Coating Weight

By Mike Manetta, Target Account Executive When producing high-end aluminum and steel parts, such as those used in automotive manufacturing, there is  no room for errors. A quality part must have a long, reliable shelf life. This means  the part must have a durable metal coating that can resist corrosion. Pretreating aluminum and steel parts with an iron phosphate coating will increase the l...
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The Downfall of Using Different Paint Manufacturers on the Same Part

By Mike Manetta, Target Account Executive As a purchasing manager or plant supervisor, you have to answer to a lot of people. Pleasing your boss means keeping the cost down, while pleasing the guys on the line means finding the coating that will get the job done right the first time. Sometimes finding the right coating at the right price means purchasing  coatings from different paint manuf...
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Navigate your business to growth with “GPS”

Lock on to the 10 coordinates that drive your business Are you working harder and harder at your business? Have you hit a plateau where all you see is a slippery slope of no growth on the backside? Do you really even know where you stand? “Circumstances (external forces) beyond our control” is the most common excuse used when a business begins to shake, falter or fail. Fact is; an overwhelming ma...
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