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EPA. More or less?

Protecting lives but challenging business In 1970 the Beatles disbanded; the price of a gallon of gas in the U.S. was $0.36; and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established in response to public concerns about the deteriorating conditions of our water, air and lands—it was also the year that the first Earth Day was celebrated. The EPA’s broad mandate fit the mood of the times. The in...
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4 Ways to gain control of your finishing business

What do customers think of when they hear the name of your finishing business? Do they get a fuzzy image or a clear picture? Is it an accurate snapshot of what you do best or not so much? Are their thoughts good ones or bad ones? Do they also think of other finishing suppliers but in a better light? Or do they have a special place in their heart for yours? Try as you might, positioning your pl...
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