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Month: December 2013

26 News bits, on trend

Connect the dots. Adapt and prosper The pace of change will never be as slow as it is today. Business has become a race to connect the dots and make sense of a frenetic and fast moving world. Some of us will get lost in the mire. What do you do? Change happens so quickly we’re lucky if we even notice. Trends are obscure, noise is high and relevance is lost. In spite of these challenges, looking o...
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Five insights: leaning in and moving forward

Ideas for a mind-set of success You used to be able to hold job security hostage with depth of experience and knowledge about your area of expertise. But of course these things are changing like everything else. Pin this one on the sheer speed of knowledge transfer (information age). It is rendering territorial (domain) knowledge far less valuable than it once was. Consider recent history. GM’s Ri...
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