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Set the score straight with your offer to coatings customers

When profit margins are shaky thin, you can blame it on assumptions. When we lose business we deserved to have, again, blame it on assumptions. Assumptions are dangerous but they are avoidable. Instead, take less for granted and swiftly shift the spotlight on your proposals from cost to unquestionable value. By taking the road less traveled you’ll win more business and make more money doing it...
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INDIANAPOLIS – PPG has entered into an agreement with ACCESSA Coatings Solutions on its line of TrueFinish® Industrial Coatings. ACCESSA will serve as PPG’s sales and distribution partner. PPG joins the current general industrial segment of ACCESSA’s product segment offerings. The PPG TrueFinish line offers a variety of solvent-based primer and topcoats, water-based primer and topcoats, and pow...
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How a word like “metalwork” could spell online success

2 big ways to enhance Google-search “pretreatment” How well is your website working for you? If you’re not getting consistently good search engine rankings, your audience is not finding you when they need you most. It would be well worth your time to take a hard look at your entire online strategy. Start with a view from 10,000 feet. What if the addition of a few key words at the top level increas...
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