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Month: December 2012

Finishing the year with numbers that paint a vivid picture for some

“Rarely are changes thrust upon a business due to changes the industry took upon itself.”     (Quote links to Material Insights blog: "A wake-up call to [successful] coating business managers") We’re usually immersed in our businesses. We tend to believe things like, odd or increasing customer demands; frustrating coating formulation changes; stiffening OSHA or EPA regulations; tax and p...
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ACCESSA Coatings Solutions has launched a redesigned website that better reflects its diverse product offering and industry leadership. Located at http://www.ACCESSA.biz, the site has technical and design improvements to make the visitor’s experience more robust and intuitive. Since 1979, ACCESSA has been helping customers develop more profitable, bigger businesses by providing coatings solutio...
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Reshoring becomes more and more compelling

Steady trends beg: What can a supply chain do to get in?  The “buy American” trend is gaining traction. Increasingly, American consumers are avoiding foreign manufactured products. It’s a trend powered by renewed belief in American made products, and the promise to save jobs. To this end, a study released this year by J.D. Power and Associates show “the percentage of buyers who avoided import mode...
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6 Questions help you benefit from any trend

Sometimes we can make hay with an emerging trend—as long as it’s relevant. At minimum we can use the information to stock up on finishes and material; or bone up on a surfacing technique that may soon be in demand. Ignore a significant trend and it can upend a business or even an industry. Remember Kodak? We have to pay attention and read meaningful trends to inform our process and perhaps avo...
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