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Epi 21: Belco’s Lindsey Boyle’s advice for growing your business in the digital age

In episode 21 of The Industrious Podcast, Accessa’s Vince Todd, Jr., and Kevin Fine are joined by Lindsey Boyle, Sales & Marketing Specialist for Belco Industries. In this episode, Lindsey shares her journey from a high school history teacher to learning the trade of her family’s finishing and aluminum extrusion company. What is Lindsey’s top advice for growing your business in the digital age...
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U.S. manufacturing is getting hot again

Responsive supply chain needed “[Ten years] ago nine out of 10 companies would tell you they were thinking about building their next plant in China. Today it’s more like three out of 10, and maybe five out of that 10, say they want to build in the U.S.” So says Antoine van Agtmael, chairman and chief investment officer of Emerging Markets Management LLC (EMM) and a director of Strategic Investmen...
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Reshoring becomes more and more compelling

Steady trends beg: What can a supply chain do to get in?  The “buy American” trend is gaining traction. Increasingly, American consumers are avoiding foreign manufactured products. It’s a trend powered by renewed belief in American made products, and the promise to save jobs. To this end, a study released this year by J.D. Power and Associates show “the percentage of buyers who avoided import mode...
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