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Epi 21: Belco’s Lindsey Boyle’s advice for growing your business in the digital age

In episode 21 of The Industrious Podcast, Accessa’s Vince Todd, Jr., and Kevin Fine are joined by Lindsey Boyle, Sales & Marketing Specialist for Belco Industries. In this episode, Lindsey shares her journey from a high school history teacher to learning the trade of her family’s finishing and aluminum extrusion company. What is Lindsey’s top advice for growing your business in the digital age...
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“Poke the Box”

Have the guts to ship You do more and more of your traditional factory tasks with automation. You’re an expert at acquiring raw resources and flipping it into goods for waiting customers. You have machines to do what machines do best. Thus, your value as a manager is reliant on your ability to communicate, negotiate and coordinate events with cohorts and select industry partners in a variety of s...
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