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Epi 17: Kevin Fine on what sets Team Accessa apart from the competition

In episode 17 of The Industrious Podcast, Vince Todd, Jr. chats with Kevin Fine, Sales and Business Development Manager for Accessa’s Eastern territory. Tune in as Kevin shares his New Jersey upbringing, his deep Rutgers University roots, and what he thinks sets Team Accessa apart from the rest. How does Kevin want our customers to view our team? “I really want them to look at us as a set of ey...
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Epi: 16: Steve Edens talks light metals conversion coatings

In episode 16 of The Industrious Podcast, co-hosts Joe and Vince Todd, Jr. are joined by Steve Edens, Business Development Manager for the light metals product line at Henkel. Tune in as Steve shares the latest in the light metals industry, as well as the effects stemming from nationwide supply chain and labor issues.
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Team Accessa Adds To Roster of Coatings Consultants

Accessa, an Indianapolis-based company that specializes in high-quality coating, chemical, and equipment solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of Jarrett Brey to its team. Jarrett Brey joins Accessa as a Coatings Consultant covering Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois, and Kentucky.  Jarrett previously worked for a local cabinet company as a cabinet maker and project manager, working c...
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Ep. 14: Chris Wallis on top manufacturer-related issues in Indiana and beyond

In episode 14 of The Industrious Podcast, co-hosts Joe and Vince Todd, Jr. are joined by Chris Wallis, Director of Membership Development for the Indiana Manufacturers Association.  Tune in as Chris shares the benefits of being a member of the IMA and the top worker-related issues companies are facing in Indiana and beyond. For more on the Indiana Manufacturer’s Association, visit www.indianamf...
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Industrious Podcast Episode 8: Brian Gould On Electrostatic Paint

Electrostatic paint: What is it? What are the benefits? Where can you use it? How does it work? “The electrostatic process looks difficult. It doesn’t have to be.” Accessa’s Brian Gould has all the answers, including a heads-up on some new products hitting the market. Tune into episode 8 of The Industrious Podcast for all that and more.
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The Industrious Podcast Episode 6: Laboratorios Argenol’s Sergio Julian on Use of Silver as an Antimicrobial

On episode 6 of The Industrious Podcast, Sergio Julian discusses the company’s use of silver as an antimicrobial, how the pandemic increased demand, and the field he’d like to explore in the future. Also, check out Joe’s impressive use of Spanish.
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What are the downsides of electrostatic spray painting?

By Justin Bryce, Account Executive As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to improve your bottom line and produce a superior product. Electrostatic spray painting is a smart way for businesses that apply coatings to metal to improve efficiency, drive down cost and become more environmentally friendly. Electrostatic spray painting is an ideal option if you manufacture any ty...
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