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Team Accessa Adds To Roster of Coatings Consultants

Accessa, an Indianapolis-based company that specializes in high-quality coating, chemical, and equipment solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of Jarrett Brey to its team. Jarrett Brey joins Accessa as a Coatings Consultant covering Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois, and Kentucky.  Jarrett previously worked for a local cabinet company as a cabinet maker and project manager, working c...
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Accessa Welcomes Jack Andrews As Chicago Branch Operations Supervisor

Jack Andrews grew up in the state of Washington and moved to Chicagoland for graduate school at Wheaton College. After painting his way through school, he stayed in the area after graduation and started his own painting business. “I specialized in high-end interior finishing,” he said. “I did a lot of cabinet refinishing and started using industrial wood finishes. I did a lot with high-e...
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The Industrious Podcast Episode 6: Laboratorios Argenol’s Sergio Julian on Use of Silver as an Antimicrobial

On episode 6 of The Industrious Podcast, Sergio Julian discusses the company’s use of silver as an antimicrobial, how the pandemic increased demand, and the field he’d like to explore in the future. Also, check out Joe’s impressive use of Spanish.
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How to Measure Iron Phosphate Coating Weight

By Mike Manetta, Target Account Executive When producing high-end aluminum and steel parts, such as those used in automotive manufacturing, there is  no room for errors. A quality part must have a long, reliable shelf life. This means  the part must have a durable metal coating that can resist corrosion. Pretreating aluminum and steel parts with an iron phosphate coating will increase the l...
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What are the downsides of electrostatic spray painting?

By Justin Bryce, Account Executive As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to improve your bottom line and produce a superior product. Electrostatic spray painting is a smart way for businesses that apply coatings to metal to improve efficiency, drive down cost and become more environmentally friendly. Electrostatic spray painting is an ideal option if you manufacture any ty...
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Why is my Paint Blistering? Get to the Root Cause.

By Mike Manetta, Target Account Executive You’ve done everything you know how to prevent paint blistering. You primed, tested and timed everything just right — or so you thought. But every once in a while, you get bubbles and blisters. One of the most common questions we hear at Accessa is, “Why is my paint blistering?” The first step to fixing blistering paint is isolating the root cause....
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Engage your peers with words of wisdom

Industry jargon barely scratches the surface No one is more comfortable creating jargon and buzzwords than industry. (So many examples … I’ll spare you the list.) So then why hasn’t industry developed its own terminology for Internet media marketing strategies, social networks and the like? The lack of industry specific terms could be an indication for the level of our acceptance and adoption in t...
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Etch your social media strategy policy in steel

Devise objectives that fit culture to ensure success Social media is good news for the industry; we just don’t know it yet. Consider this trifecta of change 1) traditional marketing costs are out the window—social marketing media is virtually free 2) social media allows complete control of our messages—publishing our own content, when and where we want, and 3) social media helps us to cultivate re...
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Six tips: how to spend less money at trade shows

Say less and stand out more from the crowd Planning to attend a trade show or two in the coming seasons? Shows and conferences can be good for business and employee morale. Keep in mind attendance is expensive only when you don’t accomplish your mission. And if part of your agenda includes meeting new prospects and looking for new business, here are six tips to help you bring it home safely. It do...
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