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B2B purchasers claim bad sales habits can be very destructive

Hypothetically speaking, if your customers had to pay less at the door to do business with you, doesn’t it stand to reason they might be willing to pay more for your products and services at the check out? If they suffered less pain during the entire sales process, would they be more likely to come back? A new study affirms, B2B buyers are not telling us how they really feel. Ignoring potential ...
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Business purchasers are using more social media channels

Learn how to be strategic, creative and the wiser By any reasonable measure, business-to-consumer (B2C) companies spend more time and resources on marketing than any of us in business-to-business (B2B). As a group B2C is also arguably better at it as well. So what can we learn from B2C marketers? I can tell you it is not the size of the “spend” but rather the choices you make to ultimately buil...
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Step back, find your way to greater value

Did you know that developing a value proposition is one of the most difficult of all marketing activities? It’s why many companies let their sales departments make up stuff and sell on hype. But most businesses don’t even try. Instead, they choose the middle of the road—without one at all. It’s easier but like most things easy, it is also a mistake. When you walk down the middle of the road yo...
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How well do you attract and keep customers?

Efficiency is key to sustainability. Avoid common mistakes. If you haven’t thought about where your next customer is coming from you may be risking your business on out-dated hunches. The only assumption a small business needs to make is that its audience knows what its options are and you need to be keeping them happy like there’s no tomorrow. When battles are fought just keeping your head above ...
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