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If You Don’t Retain Your Customers, Someone Else Will

We are very much in a growth-oriented mode at Accessa, focused, like you are, on building a bigger, stronger business. We also fully recognize that replacing lost customers is like running in place. You never get ahead. Maintaining customers remains first on our list of priorities, while securing new business remains at No. 2. Fortunately, we have a strong customer retention record, due in no s...
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How to Buy Your Next Coating

Whether you are shopping for a new coating, evaluating a coating you have in use or on the brink of ditching your current coating, three factors should be considered: Service and Support (50%) Product Quality (35%) Product Cost (15%) How people measure the importance of each factor is typically how they fail in the decision-making process. Based on my decades of experience in this indus...
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Raise Your Hand if You Hate Fisheyes

If a metal substrate isn’t completely clean when you apply paint, fisheyes can rear their ugly and costly heads. Unfortunately, most people who have ever been involved in metal coating know how disastrous fisheyes can be. These imperfections appear as craters on the paint surface. If no one catches fisheyes in time, you can easily run an entire shift with serious consequences. If you’re in t...
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Get the Antimicrobial Advantage

In high-traffic environments where conditions are ripe for the growth of microbes, businesses have to take extra precautions. But lately, forward-thinking business leaders are taking similar precautions not just to protect themselves against risk, but also to differentiate themselves in their marketplace. Antimicrobial additives can be used in many types of coatings to fight the growth of poten...
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