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Month: March 2012

21 News bites offer insight and direction

Once again, action precedes clarity  What can one glean from a collection of seemingly unrelated news bites? Perhaps the better questions are: What’s important enough and what is motivating enough to influence our thoughts and future actions anyway? You can’t make sense of someone, or some thing, without effort and some engagement. You have to take action. Get it from Karl E. Weick, organizational...
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Define your finishing business by the “keyword” you keep

When a customer looks for finishing services you can bet most business people turn to Google, Bing or Yahoo’s search engine. If they know what they want but don’t know where to get it they start pecking a description into a search box—the process has become second nature. For the effort however, they expect instant, relevant search results that match what they’re thinking or they’re not happy....
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ACCESSA Coatings Solutions is excited to announce it has expanded once again by relocating its Northern Indiana facility to Elkhart, Indiana. The expansion takes ACCESSA from approximately 8,000 square feet in Mishawaka, to 18,000 square feet at 28255 Charlotte Avenue, Building 4, Elkhart, IN 46517. The move to the larger facility will allow ACCESSA to work out of more efficient space and the a...
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