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Month: December 2010

2011: A wake-up call to [successful] coating business managers

In a few weeks the arrival of 2011 will also mark the end of a tumultuous decade. It’s bittersweet. You and your business have survived, though it wasn’t easy. On the other hand, each new year brings with it opportunity and a fresh start. We all get another chance to find the onramp to any number of virtues associated with being in the coatings business: earning a fair profit; choosing your wo...
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Drill deep to see the new face of market demand

Embrace the differences that will drive innovation If you want to know what’s driving business, you have to drill down deep. Of course, demand drives customer orders and, as it follows, your customer’s customer orders and so on. But when you finally get to the bottom of it, you’ll see a new face of change—a nonconforming consumer that’s younger, and more powerful than any previous generation. He ...
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