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The Industrious Podcast Episode 5: Superior’s Mike Sullivan On The Challenges Of Growing Business In Today’s Environment

From supply issues to extended lead times, product allocation, and scrutinizing orders – Mike Sullivan from Superior Industrial Solutions on the sales process in today’s environment and turning new customers into sustainable business. “People still need a lot of help out there.” For that and more, tune into episode 5 of The Industrious Podcast. To subscribe to The Industrious Podc...
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Product Feature: Henkel’s Bonderite M-NT 1 and M-NT 2

Bonderite M-NT 1 and M-NT 2 use nanotechnology as a greener alternative to traditional iron phosphates. Formulated to increase adhesion to and corrosion resistance of steel, zinc, and aluminum surfaces - their ability to operate at low temperatures reduces energy costs and because they’re free of phosphate and regulated heavy metals, they also reduce waste removal costs. With many states go...
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