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Month: December 2018

The Consultancy: Winter 2018/2019

Download the Winter 2018/2019 issue of The Consultancy, Accessa’s magazine for customers, and business and industry leaders in the coatings and chemicals sectors. Download The Consultancy here. In This Issue: Illinois Students Build the Future: At Reed-Custer High School, young men and women are preparing for careers in fields that require hands-on, skilled jobs. Mark Smith leads the Indu...
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2019 Design Trends: Interior Coatings, Colors and Styles

Every year, Accessa rounds up consumer trends in coatings, colors and designs for homes and offices. Here, we present an abbreviated/amended version of trend reports from a variety of sources compiled specifically for Accessa customers and friends. DOWNLOAD HERE.  WHAT'S INSIDE: Colors of the Year Manufacturers and industry watchers weigh in. Home Trends Fresh interior themes, a return to...
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