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We Are Accessa: Unlocking Value through Diversification and Quality Choices

In the competitive world of industrial coatings, chemicals, and equipment, success hinges on innovation, accessibility and reliability. Welcome to Accessa, a group dedicated to offering quality choices and solutions that improve your product and your bottom line. Who is Accessa? Accessa isn’t just one company; it’s a family of four specialized entities, each bringing unique strengths to the...
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Accessa Adds Key Players to Its Roster in Chicago

Accessa is excited to announce it added Scott Kohlmeyer, Fernando Del Rio, Dave Ramos, and Mike Martin to its employee roster at its Chicago facility.  These additions will help Accessa better serve our growing customer base throughout Central and Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, Eastern Iowa, and Northwestern Indiana. “These four bring a wealth of experience and expertise to Accessa’s ta...
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Coatings: Hiding in Plain Sight

If “paint” is the only thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “coatings,” we invite you to think again. Hiding in plain sight, coatings are all around us. They can make words more legible, cars more comfortable, floors more protected and our living environments more beautiful.  Sound like a lot of smoke and mirrors? Let’s start with a simple example:  Kitchen Cabinets   If you’re...
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The Importance of Facility Upkeep and Booth Maintenance in an Industrial Painting Operation

Industrial painting operations have a number of variables to consider when it comes to ensuring a successful result — and one of the most important is the upkeep and maintenance of their facility and paint booth. Having a clean, organized workspace is essential for efficient production, as well as for creating a safe environment for workers. Here are just few reasons why facility upkeep and booth ...
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What it Means to Be Industrious

The word industrious is often used to describe someone who is productive, efficient, and hardworking — but what does it really mean to be industrious? Being industrious means having a strong work ethic, an eye for detail, and the drive and ambition necessary to succeed. Here are a few of the qualities that truly define an industrious person: 1. Hardworking: Industrious individuals are willing t...
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