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Few problems are bigger than Cancer

When it comes to solving problems, few are bigger than Cancer. It not only weakens the patient, but it can throw entire families into a life and death struggle. The business? Who cares at that point?

Conversely, there are few things more rewarding than helping these families find SOLUTIONS to life’s biggest problems.

Solutions are special

There’s something special about a solution. You puzzle. You strive. The problem persists. Then, suddenly, a solution bounces into view, something you’ve never seen before. You can feel it grab you. Like an instant hit classic, when the solution arrives, even the biggest of life’s problems can fade.

You give back

You know the feeling. It’s probably something you do. Something you want to do more often. The people at HIT Solutions feel the same way and they give back to their community with special focus on the Heroes Foundation.

The Heroes Foundation offers new solutions, new possibilities and hope to the cancer community. “Heroes” is part of a solution because, if nothing else, it allows us to give back.

Heroes walk among us

The Heroes Foundation only exists because of those who confronted cancer, fought that good fight, and survived. It started as an idea among friends. HIT Solutions’ own Vince Todd Jr. fought his own fierce battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. As a survivor, he became driven to help others fight that same battle.

The problem is there. People are fighting and struggling to cope. Having been through it himself, Todd knew a bit of the Solution. Recognizing the power of optimism, tenacity and unconditional support from family and friends, Todd wanted to find a way to help others gain those same resources.

In 2001, the Heroes Foundation was born and officially became registered as a not-for-profit charity. Since then, Heroes has helped cancer patients via three areas of focus, Support, Research, and Awareness Education.

Disease cannot be treated like a broken machine

There are more moving parts in a family than any machine ever conceived.

Recognizing the need for a holistic approach, the Heroes Foundation offers complementary support and care for patients, their families and caregivers. It is honored and humbled to have so many donors and volunteers joining the Heroes cause.

Solutions come by looking at the bigger picture

Just like business, the biggest problems are not always solved with technology. In fact, the most persistent of problems often require the application of artful creativity and thoughtful psychology. Heroes supports expert care with services that include art and music therapy, support groups and psychological consultation.

Art helps us express our deepest sorrows and find our tallest joys. Yet the psychology helps us lay out the solution. Art connects us to those around us and creates a discovery in something bigger than ourselves. And the bigger the problem, the more the psychology deserves our attention. It’s a solution HIT Solutions believes in deeply.

In the end, the work of the Heroes Foundation shows us that treatment requires thoughtfulness, care and concern. Nobody couldn’t do it alone, the problem is simply too big.

A HERO in your family

Perhaps there’s one in your family. If you or someone you know is struggling with cancer, please know there is help. Call 317-255-6467 or visit http://www.heroesfoundation.org/ for more info.

HIT Solutions extends a big THANK YOU for taking an active interest, for reading, for becoming one of those who inspire Heroes to do more.

HIT Solutions believes the more your business keeps up with important trends, the more you will improve your product, and improve your bottom line.

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