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Protecting “Our People” Assets in Times Like These

Three easy steps you can take right now.

What’s new? We are all working harder so it’s so easy to forget how it might look from your employee’s perspective. Given the economy as it is has been, they understand the freeze on raises and bonuses, but from their line of site the empty offices, workstations, a few idle tools and perhaps some workmates gone missing–people are not only overburdened, they are probably feeling a little insecure right now. And managers mistakenly believe they are doing all they can with what little resources they have. These are times to take some simple action, and protect some of your most valuable assets.

Here’s what can be done with mere intangibles:

  • Praise them in your own sincere way, in fact go out of your way to do it. Make it something they talk about proudly at supper that night.
  • Share your vision more, open up and allow more inclusive conversation. If you want people to engage with the business take the first step to engage them in discussion.
  • Create a recognition program. Some companies report the most success when they treat this in a fun way by using something symbolic—but something more creative than trophies and plaques.  

Practice. This is new behavior and not just lip service. Act on it as soon as you notice that someone has done a good job. And the best way to do it is to get up and go find that person, tell them how much you appreciate their efforts. 

Share your ideas, what have you done recently to reengage  your employees?