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Welcome to the Industrious Bastard blog!

Insight, whether you like it or not.

HIT Solutions is in the business of providing … well, solutions. Some just happen to be liquid. This blog is an ambitious effort for a young business that was established by two brothers in 2008. These boys are a couple of seasoned industry stalwarts grounded by even stronger midwestern values of business ethics, hard work and a thirst for knowledge. The HIT men have asked me to join in to author and moderate the blog that will extend the company’s promise of dispensing insightful knowledge and know-how. I’m not family and I am not on the payroll but I am objective. I am the bastard child.

The premise of the Industrious Bastard blog is very simple: in business, it’s all important. You know well, things are not simple anymore. The only real expectation, the only thing we can depend on any more, is change. We hardly know what the questions are. However, if you would like me to address a topic, let me know and I would be happy to tackle just about any subject. Stick with me for a while; see if I can’t help you do a little less striving and never arriving.

Keep on the lookout for regular upcoming posts and feel free to give the bastard your feedback. Thanks for visiting.