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BactiBlock, The Antimicrobial Additive Effective Against Black Algae

Article by BactiBlock by Laboratorios Argenol

BactiBlock has shown a great efficacy against Black Algae, according to the latest results obtained in a US laboratory. Testing has been conducted according to the required criteria established for ISO 17025 Accredited laboratories.

What is Black Algae?

Black algae are single-celled organisms that grow in large colonies and tend to grow in cracks on pool surfaces, especially in plaster finishes, ceramic tiles, grouts…
Due to the creation of a protective layer on the outside of the cell, black algae are more difficult to treat and it is somewhat resistant to normal chlorine levels.

Efficacy results

The results are measured in % of the sample covered with algae. Meanwhile this coverage in the control sample was higher than 90%, the coverage in the samples treated with BactiBlock was lower than 2%, inhibiting the growth of algae on its surface.

Thanks to the high compatibility of BactiBlock with a wide range of applications, it can be incorporated into all the above-mentioned materials, preventing the appearance of Black Algae.

The efficacy has been measured according to the standard ASTM G29, which takes the Black algae as the reference microorganism with the highest resistance to the regular disinfectants used for pool disinfection.

If the algal growth represents a problem in any of your final applications, do not hesitate to ask us about the possibility to protect your products with BactiBlock.