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Now Hiring: Accessa Management Trainee

Accessa Management Training Program

POSITION: Accessa Management Trainee

DEPARTMENT:  Corporate

REPORTS TO: President & Respective Department Manager


  1. Objective: Hire a candidate that brings little work experience yet offers a high aptitude, strong ethic, and willingness to learn “on the job” through a structured training program.
  2. Candidate Requirements
    1. Bachelor’s Degree in business related major of study
    2. Less than three years post-graduate work experience
  3. Program and Estimated Schedule
    1. Stage 1: Customer Service Concierge – 12–18 months
      1. All candidates start here
      2. Full time CSC role
    2. Stage 2: Entry Level Management – Multiple Path Options – 18–36 months or until promoted
      1. Branch Operations Supervisor
        1. Local or semi-corporate level
        2. Temporary relocation may be required
      2. Purchasing & Inventory Control Manager
      3. Sales Account Management
      4. Marketing/Product Management
    3. Stage 3: Mid-Level Management – Multiple Path Options – 24-36 month minimum
      1. Corporate Operations management role
      2. Accounting/Finance role
      3. Sales Management
      4. Product Category/Division Management
    4. Stage 4: Upper Level Management – Multiple Path Options
      1. General Manager
      2. Controller
      3. Senior Sales Manager
      4. Marketing Manager

To request an application, submit a resume, or receive more information, contact jobs@accessa.com