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Product Watch // Spring/Summer 2017

It’s the latest rundown of new and noteworthy products being offered by Accessa. Please contact us to find out more about these products and consider how one might be a good fit for your business.

Accessa Chemical Solutions

HitSol HSCC4355 – Acid-based liquid cleaner/coater iron phosphate concentrate designed for use in metal pretreatment applications. HitSol HSCC4355 will also remove rust from iron and steel and brighten soft metals such as aluminum and copper alloys. HitSol HSCC4355 is formulated with foam control to produce fast-breaking foam in high-pressure applications, even at ambient temperatures. The oil-splitting characteristics make it very suitable for cleaning oily substrates and skimming off oil periodically to maintain and extend the bath life.

Accessa Coatings Solutions


Accessa’s Wood Bleach Kit – Part-A: HYDRO-1, Part-B: LYE-QT – When used in combination as directed, reacts with the tannic acid content of wood to produce lighter wood tones and achieve uniformity of color. Accessa’s Wood Bleach Kit procedures are safe to use on all species of wood; solid or veneer.


Aquamill Sealer, ACS-AMS8887 – Water-based sealer designed for interior wood articles that will be finished with a recommended Aquamill topcoat. Exhibits fast dry, good sanding, and very fast development of block resistance.

Aquamill Clear Topcoat, ACS-AMCT8891Gxx – Waterborne, self-sealing finish designed for millwork, furniture, cabinets and other wood substrates. Exhibits exceptional hand feel and clarity of finish along with excellent application, sanding and block resistance. It meets KCMA when used with Aquamill Sealer, or used as a self-seal product.

Aquamill Primer, ACS-AMP8832 – White water-based millwork primer for particle board, MDF and natural woods. Compatible with a wide range of common industrial topcoats. This is an economy-level millwork primer. Great for “blow and go” type applications knowing it’s going to get topcoated with an opaque, as this primer does not provide 100% hiding in a one-coat application.

Aquamill FD Basecoat, ACS-AMFDB8346 – Fast-drying, white, water-based primer for interior millwork with good block resistance. Exhibits passing edge soak results when used with a recommended topcoat.

Aquamill White Topcoat, ACS-AMWT8840Gxx – High-quality, acrylic, white, water-based topcoat for application to millwork, furniture and various other wood and MDF substrates planned for interior use. Meets KCMA when applied over Aquamill Primer or Aquamill FD Basecoat. For health of the applicator, it does not contain APEO or NMP; it is low in VOC and meets the HAPs requirement of the Federal NESHAP standard for Wood Furniture Operations.


Primemill QD Vinyl Sealer, ACS-PMVS7910 – Pre-catalyzed vinyl sealer for natural or stained interior wood. Dries fast, sands easily, contains no HAPs solvents and is very low in VOC as-supplied.

Primemill Sealer, ACS-PMS7851 – Pre-catalyzed, fast-drying lacquer sealer for natural or stained interior wood. Dries fast, sands easily and contains no HAPs solvents.

Primemill HS Clear Precat Topcoat, ACS-PMHS7827Gxx – High-solids, pre-catalyzed lacquer for natural or stained interior wood articles. Produces a high-quality clear finish with faster build and improved sanding properties. Formulated with no HAPs solvents.

Primemill FD Primer, ACS-PMPB7833 – Primemill FD Primer is a fast-drying lacquer, white millwork primer for use on interior wood articles. Contains fewer VOC emissions than conventional products, is formulated with no HAPs solvents, and is phthalate-free.

Primemill Basecoat, ACS-PMB7810 – Primemill Basecoat is a pre-catalyzed white lacquer primer for interior wood articles. Easy application properties and formulated with no HAPs solvents, this is a good general purpose primer for use under recommended topcoats.

Primemill White Precat Topcoat, ACS-PMWT7811Gxx – Pre-catalyzed white lacquer topcoat for interior wood applications. Easy application properties and formulated with no HAPs solvents. This base can be tinted to a variety of off-white colors, if needed.


AcromaPro’s AKVA LINE™ 813 Sanding Sealer – Akva Line™ 813 Waterborne Sanding Sealer is a fast drying waterborne acrylic sealer formulated for use on interior wood products. This sealer has quick build with excellent vertical hang and excellent sanding characteristics providing a smooth foundation for topcoating with Akva Line™ 814 Clear Waterborne Topcoat. This waterborne technology is formulated for closed or semi-closed grain woods such as maple and alder and is ideal for vertical application. This sealer is low in VOC and VHAPS content.

AcromaPro’s AKVA LINE 814 Waterborne Clear Topcoat – A one-component waterborne acrylic topcoat designed for use on interior wood products. Developed for use on properly prepared interior wood as a self-sealing system or over AKVA LINE™ 813 Waterborne Sealer. Has excellent clarity with good build characteristics and good film hardness. When used over AKVA LINE™ 813 Waterborne Sealer, this fast-drying finishing system is designed to meet KCMA test requirements for finishes. AcromaPro’s AKVA LINE™ 814 Waterborne Clear Topcoat has an optional catalyst to increase performance. Typical end use applications include cabinetry, residential furniture and architectural woodworking.

AcromaPro’s AKVATOPP™ 814 WB White Topcoat – A one-component acrylic/polyurethane topcoat with optional cross linker designed for use on interior wood products as a self-sealing system or applied over Laqva™ Prime Universal. Builds quickly and has very good film hardness and resistance to common household chemicals and moisture. Typical end use applications include kitchen cabinets, residential furniture and architectural woodworking. Low in VOC and is UL GREENGUARD Gold certified for low chemical emissions.


ICA’s OP263 – An economical, self-sealable clear polyurethane topcoat.

ICA’s FP281EC – An economical white polyurethane basecoat.

ICA’s OP430 – An economical white polyurethane topcoat.

For an SDS sheet, further details or questions about these products, please contact us at 800.593.0126 or contact your Accessa Coatings Consultant.