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Accessa Equipment Solutions Launches One-Year Anniversary Promotion

On October 1, 2020, brothers Joe and Vince Todd, Jr. added a third company to their family of businesses.

Accessa Equipment Solutions joined Accessa Coatings Solutions and Accessa Chemical Solutions with the goal of bringing the best products together to serve customers and help them simplify their ordering process.

One year later, it’s a success.

“I think the only question we have is, ‘Why didn’t we do this sooner?’” said Vince.

Now, they want to celebrate their success with those who made it possible.

“We are launching a one-year anniversary sale for the fourth quarter of 2021,” Vince said.  “It kicks off on October 1st and runs through the end of the year. We’re doing a buy one, get one 50% off on all abrasives and filter products. So, if someone is going to be purchasing Sia sanding sponges or Paint Pockets booth filters, it’ll be buy one and get the second one 50% off.”

They hope it encourages customers who haven’t tried ordering equipment from Accessa to give it a try.

“We still have a fairly large portion of our customer base who haven’t gone down this path yet – whether it’s because they still have too much quantity of the current product they’re using or they just haven’t made the upgrade,” Vince said. “We hope this will incentivize them to do so and at the same time, reencourage existing customers to take advantage.”

Just like the other products Accessa offers, high quality equipment makes a difference.

“These products affect the finished part, but they also support the whole process. If they have good filters and are changing them regularly or using quality abrasive products – it will have a direct effect on the entire operation,” said Vince. “It goes back to our slogan, which is to improve the customer’s product and their bottom line.”

For more information on Accessa and its products, visit accessa.com or call 800.593.0126.

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