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Some jobs test your mettle. Choosing the right lubricant helps you make the most.

Metalworking lubricants perform a simple but critical task. Like a fuse, we learn to appreciate their usefulness more when they fail. And like fuses and everything else, industrial lubricants have become more technical and specialized. Always consider your options carefully. In 1914 the Bussmann brothers produced their first fuse from the basement of their home in St. Louis, Missouri. They soon r...
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Lubrication and predictive maintenance

A game to win Recently, billionaire and technology magnate, Bill Gates, subjected himself to an open game of chess with the newly crowned world champion (23-year-old Norwegian, Magnus Carlson). Save publicity, I’m not sure what the motive was because Bill was greased in exactly 1 minute, 20 seconds—after just nine moves of chess. Always the pragmatic, Gates told the audience during the first coupl...
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Wanted: small niche players. Space available

Consider your options well As a small business, are you alone, doing your thing, providing a great product in the metalworking or surface treatment industries? Do you think anyone else in the whole world shares some of the same challenges? Are they also trying to keep “clean” (let alone “green”) while using advanced chemical lubricants, cleaners and strippers? Small industrial niche businesses ...
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