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The Consultancy: Spring/Summer 2018

Download the latest issue of The Consultancy, Accessa’s magazine for customers, and business and industry leaders in the coatings and chemicals sectors.

Download The Consultancy here.

In This Issue:

  • 8 Buzz-Worthy Products: Check out a fire-retardant paint additive for drywall or wood. Read about a line of coatings that is now formaldehyde free. And browse multiple cleaners for a range of jobs. It’s all in Product Watch.
  • Accessa’s 2018 to Date: We’re working to keep happy customers, meet product demand, and respond to urgency. Accessa’s Joe Todd covers these topics and May in Indy — the fastest month of the year.
  • Customer Education: Chemical Concentrations: Sharpen your wits around titration, pH, meters and more with our answers to 21 questions. No. 4: What problems can result if the concentration is out of range? (Check your answer in The Consultancy.)
  • And more worth reading.

Download The Consultancy here.