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Lubrication and predictive maintenance

A game to win Recently, billionaire and technology magnate, Bill Gates, subjected himself to an open game of chess with the newly crowned world champion (23-year-old Norwegian, Magnus Carlson). Save publicity, I’m not sure what the motive was because Bill was greased in exactly 1 minute, 20 seconds—after just nine moves of chess. Always the pragmatic, Gates told the audience during the first coupl...
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Big innovation idea creates more of less

Profits could be attainable from unimaginable volumes Thinking small in large volumes—the essence of “sachet marketing”—yet never losing brand focus, could open up entirely new markets for many of the worlds B2B (and B2C) manufacturers and service providers. If you can identify customers who are willing but perhaps cash strapped, think micro-loans and contracts, think mini-sizes, mini-volumes, thi...
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